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Lee Wedlake has published eight books on Parker Kenpo and his articles have appeared in Black Belt, Inside Kung-Fu, Journal of Asian Martial Arts, Martial Arts Professional and others as well as various non-martial arts magazines including the Mensa Bulletin.

2014 Seminar Schedule

October 24-26 New England tour This weekend!

November 2 – Tucson, AZ Professional Development Seminar

November 15 – Coppell, TX (Dallas)

December 13 – Atlanta, GA (Loganville)

March – Esslingen, Germany and Charleston, SC

May 2015 Wonder Valley Camp

More information on the seminar pages.


New Articles in the Members section:

October 2014 – More on the Two-Man Defenses – September 2014 – Three Points to Ponder – August 2014 – A Look Behind the Curtain – July 2014 – The Analytical Process – June 2014 – The Evolution of Terminology – May 2014 –  The Helping Hand and more – April 2014 –  Open-Ended Triangles Revisited – March 2014 – Random Subjects –


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School owners! Studios/clubs can buy my books at a discount. Studios are using the books as part of their enrollment incentive packages in their Intro programs and Black Belt Clubs. Contact me at for information.


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Comments on my Professional Development Seminars

“I really enjoyed working with some of the upper ranks. It’s nice to have a family-like atmosphere…. I also liked the fact that there are no stupid questions. You make everyone, no matter what rank, feel included. I also like your ability to tailor your message to all ranks.” R.F.

“You made everyone feel important. There were white belts and 5th blacks – all felt like they belonged and were welcome – I like that.” R.D

“I am getting a great education to complement and improve what I know. It is also allowing me to become better at kenpo, both physically and technically.

“Highly informative – excellent subject matter, outstanding instructors.”

“As always, I thoroughly enjoy the overall presentation, the content, the new and the review. I enjoyed the friendly, positive atmosphere as well as the energy of the seminar. The camaraderie amongst the participants was also very enjoyable.”

This helped open my mind to the new avenues of training and self-study, as well as turning on lights of understanding that I was having difficulty with.”

“Good stuff.”

“Please have more.”