Kenpo Senior Conference

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Presented by Lee Wedlake and Steve White

You can attend a selection of mini-sessions with senior students of these lineage leaders on Friday evening and Sunday morning.

The Seniors:

Steve LaBounty – Base skills to individual formulation of ‘rough n tumble’ close quarters survival

Bob White techniques/closing the gap.

John Sepulveda

Private lessons with some of the 9th degrees will be available, first come, first served. More info and fees TBA.

Steven White – Kenpo counters to common grappling attacks

Ron Sanchez – “Mindset for Urban Conflict” &”Detecting Pre-Fight Indicators” and read his extensive resume

Graham Lelliott -Universal Pattern and the Motion Chart?

Marc Sigle -Pressure point work – Marc’s site is in German?

Bruce Meyer -Teaching Children

Bruce Meyer is a 6th black under Lee Wedlake from Columbia, SC. He started training in Southern California and moved to South Carolina as a brown belt.Bruce became Ed Parker’s IKKA representative there. In the early 1990’s he was taken into the Wedlake lineage. He and his schools have produced numerous tournament winners in self-defense divisions. Bruce also served in the US Marine Corps.


Brian Duffy -TBA

Glenn Haley – TBA

Martial Arts Biography

Mr. Haley has over 27 years of experience training in the martial arts.In 1998 he?began training directly under John Sepulveda, forging a relationship of respect and loyalty that continues on today.He currently holds the rank of 4th degree black belt and is a member of the AKTS under Master Sepulveda.Although he considers American Kenpo to be his base system, his cross training in Karate, Kickboxing, Jiu-Jitsu, Boxing, and Judo gives him a unique perspective to ensure self-defense effectiveness in both striking and grappling ranges.

Glenn has a healthy point-fighting and sport karate background having competed and placed at the famous International Karate Championships and Kenpo World Meeting and Championships.He has also actively trained and fought competitively in kickboxing for over a decade and has an official record of 5-3-1 (w/ 4 KOs).In 2008, Mr. Haley began increasing his Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and submission grappling focus by cross training at several gyms.In 2010, he resumed his formal training under Sean Cooper within the Cleber Luciano and Gracie Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu lineage.In 2011,he added formal Boxing instruction under Xavier Cepeda as well as training in Kodokan Judo with the Cedar Park Judo Club to his weekly regime to further develop his effectiveness in MMA.In early 2012, Mr. Haley was selected to be a cast member and fighter on the MMA Reality TV series “Cage Quest” which aired in March 2012 on the KCWX/WB Network throughout the San Antonio, Texas local area.

Although still active competitively, Mr. Haley also believes in giving back to the arts.He is the owner and Sr. Instructor at Ultimate Academy of Martial Arts in Austin.

Tom Graves
Tom Graves has been studying Kenpo since 1979. He has won numerous US Grand Champion Titles in fighting and was also a 3 time international champion through team and individual fighting.
Although he has been teaching for many years he believes that training in the martial arts is “A life time journey” and “A journey of a life time”. He will always consider himself a student in the art. He has had the honor and privilege of training under Master John Sepulveda since 1994.

Expanded Knot Concept – Using the knot on our belt as a tool to breakdown and find relationships of techniques through motion.

Ed Cabrera
Ed won the Central Pennsylvania Golden Gloves in 1980. He finished his career with over 100 amateur fights. As a student of Grandmaster Francisco Condes Moo Duk Kwan, a Korean system, under Edwin “Papo” Pagan he earned his Black Belt in 1986. Testing for and being awarded a first black in Parker Kenpo, in the presence of Mr. Parker in June 1990, he eventually earned a 4th degree under Lee Wedlake. Ed has been working on his Kenpo Fusion, which blends Ed Parkers Kenpo with Western Boxing. The Fusion integrates boxing body mechanics and hitting power into the structure of Ed Parker self-defense techniques along with giving a student a feel for contact. Ed has been a studio owner, seminar instructor and currently works in the security industry.

Tommy Burks, 8th degree
I started in Tae Kwon Do in June 1966 in Allen Steen’s association. I obtained Black Belts in Tae Kwon Do and Okinawan Karate prior to getting into Kenpo in April 1986. I met Jeff Dukes when I decided to get into Kenpo and he got me connected with Mr. Parker and I started my own classes and learned Kenpo the hard way, without an instructor. I tested for 1st Black in April 1987 and 2nd Black in March 1988. When I was promoted to 2nd Black in 1988, Mr Parker informed me from that point on I was his student and I never accepted anyone else as an instructor. I have been with the AKTS and Mr Sepulveda since 2003. I was promoted to 8th by Mr Sepulveda and Sigung LaBounty August 5, 2012. I was in business for myself for 20 years as a Registered Professional Land Surveyor and am now completing a law enforcement career which I started in the mid 70’s and did not finish. I am currently a Deputy Sheriff for Montague County. My wife BJ and I have a 275 acre horse ranch in Sunset, TX and I also studied and became a professional horse trainer in 2000.